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Do you ever feel out of balance? Like you are pushing against the flow of life? Constantly find yourself in a state of fight or flight? Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and out of sorts in your every day life? When was the last time you stepped out into nature? Do you take time out to sense the natural flow of life or are you living at 100 miles an hour striving for the next big thing? Have you ever considered you are enough just as you are?

Seasonal yoga is a beautiful practise where we can adapt ourselves and our lifestyles to the Earth’s natural cycles and the seasons. In a seasonal practise the emphasis is on living in natural synthesis with the seasons allowing our mind, body and spirit to heal with the flow of nature.

Seasonal Yoga is designed to align the changing energies of nature and the seasons in a practice that improves physical strength and flexibility, giving balance, harmony and an enhanced sense of well-being. Whether it be Spring, Summer, Autumn or winter seasonal yoga incorporates the traditional Chinese medicine approach to the seasons and our overall health and vitality. Seasonal is a beautiful practise which brings you closer to nature healing your mind, body and soul on all levels. It is the perfect practice and antidote to the stress and anxiety of modern life.

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” – Rumi

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Kellie is a wonderful teacher and all-round excellent human being!  From Nia, yoga, Pilates, and all the brilliant workshops she’s been hosting online during lockdown she has made a genuine difference to the way I think and feel.  Getting me moving; making me calm and relaxed; feeling more supple and strong; being supportive in my journey to get fitter. She’s done it all!  Thank you Kellie!


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